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A huge thank you to Roger Freeman and his initiative and commitment to this project and for the fantastic guide he produced in collaboration with the local community groups.

This is our humble first edition so if we have left you out, you feel something of interest or importance should be included or if we have made any errors, then please contact us so we can make amends in the next edition (on-line content anytime, hard copy prior to next printing).

Any other comments would be welcome, particularly the “good” ones 🙂

We welcome new comers to the island and trust that you will also find this a magical place, just like the local community do and that this booklet will help you navigate around what is available on the island as well as the services, Clubs and Associations on offer. Help us take care of “Coochie” and keep the magic of this special Island alive for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations to come. Keep well and enjoy our Island home.

Disclaimer: All the information contained in this booklet is offered in good faith by well-meaning people for the assistance of residents and visitors alike. Every effort was taken to be as accurate and as current as possible. The Author and the Printers accept no liability for the accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of any material contained within or for any errors or omissions or any changes subsequent to printing.

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