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Emerald Fringe Workshop

Secret Path © 2020

This event has ended

Hosted by the Heritage Society

The Heritage Society have engaged a Heritage expert and council planners for an information session that welcomes your input and questions about the future of this unique Emerald Fringe space.

Almost 140 years ago, a colonial surveyor was sent to Coochiemudlo in anticipation of the settlers and landholders who would surely follow. Based on George McDonald’s mapping, the island was subdivided, with much of the land set aside for freehold purchase by early speculators and farmers. 

To our eternal good fortune, a broad green belt, circling the entire foreshore, was left in the public realm.​ Two years ago, after much dedicated work, the Heritage Society succeeded in having that Emerald Fringe proclaimed a Local Heritage Site by the state government.

But what does that really mean? What authority does it have? Can we create an action plan to ensure this precious space is never lost to us?

​On Saturday 8th May, a heritage planning professional, Catherine Brouwer, and two Redland City planning officers will join us at the Community Hall to help us seek answers to these and many other questions.

​Registration, with tea and coffee, from 8.30 for a 9 o’clock start. We are COVID limited to 50 seats at this event. Please email us to book a place. There may be no seats available at the door.

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