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Easy-peasy composting for small gardens

Small Garden Composting Idea

Here’s a quick way to re-use your kitchen veg scraps to make compost for your garden. Of course a plastic drum or compost bin is one way, but often a bit messy. A far simpler method is available too. Simply using a small to medium cardboard box.

Simply choose a spot where you would like to start growing something and dig a hole – the same size as your cardboard box. Fruit boxes are great and relatively easy to get. Try to use one’s that have the least amount of external printing to prevent chemicals leaching into your soil. Keep the soil you removed in a bucket or separate container.

Place the box in the dug out hole and using a garden fork make multiple holes in the base. Every day, empty your kitchen scraps directly into the box (only use natural veg / fruit scraps / tea bags / egg shells / coffee grounds etc and no meat scraps). Mix the scraps with some dried leaves or even shredded paper. Pour a layer of soil over the top to cover the contents. Water well.

Over the following days and weeks add layers of veg scraps and soil until the box is full. Keep it moist. Within 3-4 weeks your box will be ready for planting. You will be surprised at how quickly earth worms find it and make themselves at home. Add some seed of your chosen crop and watch it grow. Then repeat.

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