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The Ministry For Fun

The Ministry for Fun Coochiemudlo

Coochiemudlo Island is a small sub-tropical island fringed by bushland and nestled off the Redlands Coast. Affectionately known as “Coochie”, the island is a peaceful hideaway for 700 residents and thousands of guests enjoy visiting the island’s shores each year.

Unlike any other island in Australia, Coochiemudlo Island offers guests and residents a peaceful and relaxed island lifestyle with city living conveniences and access.

The island is only five square kilometres in size, and a short ferry ride from the mainland, making it the perfect destination for many residents who run their own successful businesses on the island.

Five like-minded business owners on Coochiemudlo Island have joined forces to create The Ministry for Fun.

Motivated by a desire to collaborate and create opportunities that enhance the island’s business operations, visitor experience and philanthropic activities, The Ministry for Fun is the driving force behind many of the island’s popular events and charitable activities.

The Mission

Coochiemudlo Island is bustling with economic activity, culture and nature. The Ministry for Fun’s vision is to attract a community of people who value the island’s natural treasures and contribute positively to Coochiemudlo Island’s experience and reputation – now and well into the future.

About The Ministry for Fun

The Ministry for Fun is a united organisation with an aim to create economic and philanthropic driven opportunities for the island and its community.

The Ministry for Fun was launched in 2020 by five like-minded Coochiemudlo Island business owners with the vision to collaborate in a way that would benefit the island’s residents, visitors and environment.

The Ministry for Fun was founded by the following members:

The Ministry for Fun was created especially for Coochiemudlo Island business owners to collaborate and work together for mutual benefit and also for the benefit of the community. 

The Ministry for Fun Founders have provided funding for every ABN holder based on Coochiemudlo Island to have a free listing on this new Coochiemudlo Island website ( and also free Ministry of Fun membership for 2021.

That means if you or your business or community organisation is an ABN holder and subscribes to our aims and objectives you can join this website and also come onboard with the rest of The Ministry for Fun members. 

Interested in getting involved?

Get in touch today: your can email or call President Russell Jackson on 0410 328 066 or complete the inquiry form below.

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**We will do our best to get back to you but please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

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