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Campfire Coop SEQ

Campfire Co-op

There is a growing desire and need, to shift to new ways (and remember old ways) of being and working together in our organisations and society.

Campfire Co-op works in places and spaces where people are ready to work together in more human, co-operative ways that in turn, create better solutions for everyone and our planet.

Our work is two-fold: to work with others towards greater self organisation, participation and collaboration; and to model, learn and practice this in our own organisation.

Our approach is based on what we know to deliver meaningful results. This includes: nurturing relationships; responding to powerful and clear invitation; modelling our own practices; generously building capacity wherever we go; taking a whole systems view; paying attention to harvest and feedback loops; using curious ways to engage, and preparing well so we can adapt to change mid course.

The focus areas of our work:

Transforming organisations

We believe that organisations have great potential to influence our communities and systems. How can we organise for humans instead of machines, without needing to control everything? How do we uncover the potential of the humans in our organisations for the impact we dream of?

If you have a longing for something more for your organisations, for the people who work and volunteer in them, and for those it serves, we would love to talk.

Thriving teams

What if we invested in people as much as we invested in infrastructure, materials and progress? And what does it really take for teams to work together to achieve their purpose, and to thrive?
We are able to guide teams through the diverse questions and challenges that often show up whenever people come together.

Meaningful conversations & events

When your issues and challenges are complex, and you need to gather the voices, perspectives and contributions of others, intentional conversations can support you to get unstuck and move forward wisely.

We know that bringing together people with influence and passion, lived experience and diverse expertise – to have conversations that matter, is a powerful way to get to the heart of an issue and come up with real and inspired solutions.

Communities of Practice

We work alongside new, emerging and established communities of practice to support your work together, building capacity in shared leadership, self organisation and collaboration as we go.

Work with us

We could support you to create a framework for your Community of Practice, develop connections and supportive structures for learning, collaboration, wise action or even finishing – whatever your purpose, and whatever stage you are at.

We’ve co-created an organisation for meaningful cooperative work that nourishes everyone. If you are seeking more human ways of working together and getting things done, and are willing to step outside of what you already know, we would love to work alongside you.

Contact Moze (Michelle) Crozier of Coochiemudlo Island to start a conversation.

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