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Bushcarers of Coochiemudlo Island

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Twenty two years of continuous bushland & beachfront management and care

Bushcarers of Coochiemudlo Island is a community of volunteers that gives time and effort to maintain the Emerald Fringe of bushlands on the island. For twenty two years the Bushcare team has been keeping Coochiemudlo Island foreshore shady and protected from storm winds through weeding and regular planting for next generations trees.

Coochiemudlo Island is located in the centre of a RAMSAR listed conservation region where birds from around the world come to nest and raise chicks. Coochiemudlo is surrounded by a heritage listed Emerald Fringe of light forest and shrubs, expanses of mangrove forest and sandy beaches and dunes that support an abundance of birds, crabs, shellfish and fish habitat and an enjoyable recreation zone.

Crabs on beach
RAMSAR listed conservation

Emerald Fringe

Our island has the advantage of a native forested fringe surrounding the entire island and this gives the community shelter from the occasional severe storm and southern cyclone.

This Emerald Fringe came about as the first survey of the island avoided subdivision of land at the storm and tidal impact areas and the mangrove zone. This wise decision protected home owners from the destruction of storm surge and extreme winds. Importantly it gave the island an excellent recreation and native bushland area around its shoreline that provides the primary foodchain for the fishery. Bushcarers maintain this vital resource.

Emerald Fringe

Maintaining and planting for the next generation

We are dedicated to teamwork for maintaining the beauty of today and tomorrow’s shorelines and creating restful shaded places for enjoying the seaside. As many of the trees in this environment are short lived, we keep our shady beaches and emerald fringe growing and replenished.

Maintaining planting bushcarers

We work together with our island native plant nursery – another volunteer group of supportive people – to generate plant stock for our activities.

Bushcare is also a participant in the Redland City Council bushcare program. Our team have access to a wealth of information services and activities including field trips to like minded communities.

Maintaining healthy waterways

Numerous waterways flow through the areas under Bushcare management. These are sustained by cultivating species suited to this more regular damp and periodic flooding streams. By fostering best tree species in these zones, erosion is minimised as torrential downpour torrents are dispersed. Some of these areas at the coast are also the outlet points for the island’s subterranean water store. These localities support vegetation more suited to rooting in permanent moist soils and this gives the island clusters of species.

Maintain waterways

Join us

To plant new trees and shoreline grasses, pull out weeds and celebrate each other’s knowledge, goodwill and company with a snack and cuppa.

Meet with us every 3rd Saturday (and when convenient) every month.

Contact Kevin Childs 0437 938 953

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